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ZOOBQ™ is a division of PETSorFOOD™

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Feast on the Beast - An Event for All Ages
ZOOBQ™ can provide everything from a black tie evening to a Hawaiian shirt afternoon but our most popular event by far is the Feast on the Beast which usually starts in the early afternoon and ends at midnight, allowing both family activities during the day and a more elegant event in the evening - exclusively for grown ups!


Gates Open
Visitors are greeted by friendly ZOOBQ™ staff wearing colorful vests that clearly identify them as official ZOOBQ™ staff, and are directed to refreshment stands and information kiosks.

2:45pm Insect Zoo
Fun for children and adults alike! Learn about the insect kingdom and then challenge your fears, your friends and the insects themselves in a series of Reality TV like challenges that range from "how many crickets can you eat" to seeing how long you can sit under a carpet of creepy crawly bugs!
3:15pm Refreshment Time
Kiosks featuring ZOOBQ™ creations like groundhog-on-a-stick™, lemur fries™, and bear juice™ are great mid-day treats!
3:30pm Our Trade Marked Circle of Life™
Witness first hand the life and death struggles of animals in the wild as small mammals are placed in lion, tiger and crocodile pens at feeding time! Trained docents will guide you and your children through the eating habits of the Zoo's exhibits and lucky visitors will even be able to to toss food into the cages! Our best Circle of Life™ presentations end with the audience dining on the exhibits themselves!
4:30pm Petting Zoo
Relax before dinner with eColi free animal exhibits. Youngsters can help zoo keepers muck stalls and delouse lambs and other baby animals.
5:30pm Family Dinner
Pig out on featured exhibits prepared in a family friendly fashion by PETSorFOOD™ and ZOOBQ™ executive chef Diego Chen. Then send the kids home with a baby sitter because the adult fun is just about to begin!
7:00pm to Midnight Dinner & Dancing
Local musical entertainment provides the dancing music while the grown ups play! Revel in a special menu designed by PETSorFOOD™ and ZOOBQ™ executive chef Diego Chen. Sample everything from succulent Koala liver pate paired with a light sparkling grenache or bite size skewers of rare parrot breast paired with rich California merlot!

For extra special events, ZOOBQ™ provides de-clawed and de-fanged jungle cats that can roam the party and interact with guests danger free!