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ZOOBQ™ is a division of PETSorFOOD™

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Made to Order!
No matter the size of your zoo or the amount of money you want to raise, ZOOBQ™ can help! We have many standard fund raising programs that have proven popular from Washington DC to San Diego, but we're here to help you, and are very flexible in meeting your needs.

Need to organize a fund raiser around a sick orangutan? No problem! Pursuing your city's VIP patronage? Let us set up a caviar and wombat sweet bread tasting!

PETSorFOOD™ and ZOOBQ™ executive chef Diego Chen personally oversees every menu and can concoct tastes to suit the most discriminating epicurean's palette or tickle a 10 year old's taste buds.

ZOOBQUnder The Stars - For VIP Fund raising
Black tie only! This event is a summer time favorite at a number of zoos around the country. ZOOBQ™ will bring in our crack team of event coordinators to work up a special menu built around your featured exhibit. We will also arrange for local bands to come and perform on a hard wood dance floor and band stand.

The night's not just about food and dancing though! Education is part of the ZOOBQ™ mission and our trained staff members demonstrate behind the scenes zoo activities like artificial insemination, culling, and feeding the carnivores! Special VIP patrons can be invited for private attractions as well. At a recent National Zoo event ZOOBQ™ staff sedated a number of the zoo's larger animals from forest gorillas to jungle cats and supervised as prominent Republican VIPs ruffled the fur of their favorite exhibits!

Feast on the Beast - An Event For All Ages
Our most popular program is Feast on the Beast!™ It combines afternoon family fun with an elegantly casual adults only evening of dancing and food and wine tasting!

During the day, families can interact with eColi free animal exhibits and participate in daily zoo life like mucking stalls, delousing, and feeding the reptiles. Our top draw for kids and adults of all ages is our trade marked Circle of Life™ interactive exhibit where families can witness first hand the life and death struggles of animals in the wild as small mammals are placed in lion, tiger and crocodile pens at feeding time!

With the coming of night the kids clear out and the party hats come out! Local musical entertainment is brought in to entertain while the adults revel in a special menu designed by PETSorFOOD™ and ZOOBQ™ executive chef Diego Chen. Sample everything from succulent Koala liver pate paired with a light sparkling grenache or bite size skewers of rare parrot breast paired with rich California merlot!

For an added bit of excitement, ZOOBQ™ has a relationship with a wildlife refuge that lends out de-clawed and de-fanged jungle cats that can roam the party and interact with your guests danger free! These fearsome beasts can be shipped to any of the lower 48 states with one week notice.

Family Farm - Bring the Kids!
There's plenty for adults of all ages at the zoo, but for kids, the zoo is a special, magic place and ZOOBQ™ has a program designed just for youngsters that we call the Family Farm™.

The day kicks off with a morning of learning and exploration! Start with the Insect Zoo where kids can learn about over 40 species of insects from the hairy goliath tarantula to the naturally chamoflauged walking stick bug. After the interactive learning are a series of reality TV like challenges that pit children against each other and against the insect kingdom! Games range from who can eat the most crickets to sitting for five minutes under a carpet of crawling bugs!

From there, families are transported to the African Savanna for an extended version of our trade marked Circle of Life™ learning program featuring the big cats of the plains and a zebra take down and a crocodile "watering hole ambush."

Finally, before a barbecue lunch, PETSorFOOD™ and ZOOBQ™ executive chef Diego Chen teaches the children about the animals from the zoo that he's preparing for their meal, going through each cut of meat and identifying the tastiest parts.

After lunch, the young ones can curl up in the shade for afternoon naps with rare breeds of goats, sheep and donkeys!