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ZOOBQ™ is a division of PETSorFOOD™

© Copyright 2004-05 ZOOBQ™

Our Mission
Founded by a member of MENSA, ZOOBQ™ is the non-profit arm of wildly successful Internet animal eCommerce site PETSorFOOD™ which offers American consumers mad cow disease free animals as pets or food.

Sidney Zwibel, the CEO of PETSorFOOD™ wanted to use the success of his organization to benefit animal lovers of all ages, and ZOOBQ™ was born. The ZOOBQ™ mission is to help zoos across the country to improve the quality of their exhibits by organizing zoo fundraisers where unpopular or aging exhibits are served up as epicurean feast to bring in cash to purchase new, more exciting exhibits.

WombatThe first ZOOBQ™ event was held at the Zoo in San Diego. An aging wombat population wasn't drawing the crowds anymore, so Sidney brought in his personal chef, Diego Chen (author of the PETSorFOOD Low Carb Cookbook,) to create a gourmet menu around the wombat and some lesser exhibits like the meercat and some tropical birds.

The result was a $100 a plate fundraiser that brought out celebrities and zoo fans alike for a unique, one of a kind opportunity to nosh on jerked wombat and blackened meercat and help the zoo raise money for a new reptiles exhibit. The San Diego ZOOBQ brought in just under $40,000, more than enough for the reptile exhibit with money left over to renovate water troughs in the petting zoo!

About our Founder
Sidney Zwibel is an Internet entrepreneur, certified genius, and a Fellow of the Banzai Institute. Sidney was an alternate on the '84 Olympic Fencing team, and is the president of the national MUFON organization.

In addition to being the founder of ZOOBQ™, Sidney is the founder and CEO of Pets or Food, which provides over a billion calories a day to the needy, places thousands of pets with new owners each week, is the leading supplier of animal products to the nation's prison systems, and was recognized in 1999 by then Governor George W. Bush of Texas for helping to lower overall costs of the Texas prison system by almost 15%.

Sidney is also the brains behind Internet success story ClickMonkeys!!, an off shore click farm that helps struggling eRetailers and eBusinesses generate revenue by inflating page views and clicking on ad banners.

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